RF Micropower - Company Overview

RF Micropower is the exclusive licensor and world leader in high performance silicon MESFET transistors for the multi-billion dollar RF, analog and mixed signal semiconductor markets. Proprietary RFuP™ technology enables lower cost mobile devices, telecommunication infrastructure, consumer electronics, and embedded analog components. The company offers solutions that meet the stringent requirements of consumer, industrial, medical, automotive, military and aerospace sectors.

RF Micropower is the business entity which will sell and license the RFuP™ technology initially developed by SJT Micropower Inc.

Parent company SJT Micropower operates as a fabless design house and is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Products are designed in house and then fabricated at an outside semiconductor foundry, allowing us to build cutting edge semiconductors without maintaining and updating a costly fabrication facility.  

RF Micropower - Products

RF Micropower’s patented RFuP™ transistors empower analog and RF semiconductor designers to build high voltage, power tolerant, IC products using low cost CMOS silicon on insulator (SOI) manufacturing processes with no modifications to existing tooling. Moreover, traditional digital designs in SOI CMOS can leverage RFuPTM to integrate analog features such as power conditioning, LTE/BlueTooth/WiFi transmitters/receivers, LCD/Speaker drivers, electromechanical controls and other devices to reduce cost, power, and size.