RFuP™ MESFET Technology Overview

RF IC design is at a crossroads, where the world is going wireless but integrated circuits and devices are smaller than ever making analog and RF circuit design difficult.  Our RFuP technology enables designs on scaled CMOS processes that are now difficult such as high voltage, high power wireless communications and RF PAs. We are currently finalizing the technology for wireless base station, handset and communication applications.

Discrete Device and Integrated Solutions

Our silicon MESFET can be packaged into discrete packages and used in traditional microwave power amplifier applications. We are currently packaging the devices in industry standard packages such as QFN as well as heat sink based for higher power RF Applications.

Additionally, the device can be fabricated into existing SOI CMOS technologies to enable high voltage capability with a single, non cascoded device.

Extremely Robust and Suitable for Military HiREL applications:

The device utilizes a MESFET which has a Schottky gate and no fragile oxide gate stack.  Therefore, voltage breakdown problems associated with a high speed, thin oxide device are eliminated.  Additionally, the device is radiation tolerant because of this feature.

RFμP™ MESFET Technology Details

RFuP technology takes advantage of a patented MESFET structure which can be fabricated on SOI CMOS with no changes to the process flow. The device can be fabricated directly with the current commercial processes. This means no additional cost to the designer and fabrication facility.


The picture above shows a cross section of the technology. Instead of the gate oxide stack, the device utilizes a Schottky gate contact which makes it more robust. The device operates by applying a gate voltage which depletes down to the SOI interface.

More information is available about performance on the fabrication technology page, but the plot on the right shows a sample FOC for a device fabricated on a 45nm CMOS technology. The red line shows the approximate breakdown voltage of a MOSFET on a similar process.

The technology works well on both fully depleted and partially depleted fabrication technologies.  RF Micropower in conjunction with parent company SJT Micropower has pioneered the development of this technology at many different foundries.