RF Micropower Power Management


Low Dropout Regulators

  • Capacitor Free Operation - Source follower architecture is unconditionally stable
  • High efficiency - extremely low dropout (30mV @ 150mA)

Switching Converters

  • Use existing, older technology high voltage parts with modern low voltage digital CMOS
  • Conversion of voltages on chip

Extremely Low Dropout Regulator - LDO


Results of LDO fabricated on a 45nm technology. The device can be fully integrated in the IC and includes BGR and Error Amplifier.

RF Micropower has developed a low dropout regulator with less than 30mV dropout for a 150mA load current that does not need a capacitor at the load to be stable. In addition, there is no charge pump or other circuit which might add noise or complications to the LDO.

The device can be completely integrated on a scaled technology IC for power management on chip with extremely low dropout.

The regulator is radiation tolerant and has been tested up to 1 MRad. We are developing the regulator for NASA. Please contact us if you would like more information.