High Reliability and Radiation Tolerant: Benefits the Extreme Environment Designer and End User:

We are interested in your Hi-REL and Radiation Needs. Devices have been measured up to 1MRad and between -180 to +200C. Please contact us here for more application specific information.

Extreme Environment

  • High Temperature
  • Radiation Hardened - Schottky Metal-Semiconductor interface is less susceptible to radiation induced damage than MOSFET metal-oxide-semiconductor interface
  • Measured to greater than 1 MRad

Helps Combat Obsolescence

  • Easier to use existing, older technology high voltage parts with modern low voltage digital CMOS
  • Conversion of voltages on chip
  • Use Existing supply rails to power scaled technologies

Easy Implementation with existing SOI CMOS

  • No additional cost to use technology
  • Existing CMOS already has steps required to fabricate device

Simpler RF PA Development

  • Larger voltage swing allows higher power and easier, more efficient matching to 50Ω
  • Fast LDO response allows high speed, efficient polar modulation