RF Micropower - Introducing Scaled RF Power Devices

RF Micropower's patented technology allows the fabrication of small form factor, low cost RF Power Transistors targeting up to 5W directly on scaled SOI CMOS. We are now offering licensing opportunities to exploit the technology for the next generation of wireless and power products.

RF Micropower DFN Packaged MESFET

Licensing Opportunities

RF Micropower has developed our technology at several large commercial foundries and we are offering select licensing opportunities.

Currently available at multiple foundry nodes. Devices have been demonstrated down to a 32nm CMOS node.

Demonstration DFN Packaged MESFETs - RF PA and Switching Applications

RF Micropower Power Amplifier Module

RF Micropower now has DFN packaged devices demonstrating the technology.

The devices used a scaled 45nm process and offer saturated output powers up to 30dBm.

Preliminary Data Sheet Available Here

Key Technology Enablers

RF Micropower has developed and characterized a high voltage (>20V) transistor that can operate at several Watts of power and has high cutoff frequency for RF wireless technologies and cutting edge power regulation.

The devices takes advantage of highly scaled SOI CMOS processes allowing a small form factor and reduced fabrication costs. The device is also radiation tolerant for HiRel Applications.

We have demonstrated it down to 32nm with no changes to the process flow (no additional cost at the foundry) and are currently scaling it towards smaller technology nodes.